Monday, June 27, 2011

Nepalese Jungle

Nepalese Jungle

slowly flowing emerald water pools in placid lake
no tears shed from cat-like eyes of golden green bronze
but there is a grin.........dare say a smile ?
mastering the primal creative force
the toothsome crocodile

a head the verdant subtropical forest looms
in the dappled shade sweet smelling jasmine vines climb
into the canopy
perfect white blooms releasing
the intoxicating perfume of the gods

a rustle in the tall bamboo thicket
materializing as if from another dimension
the sinewy muscled form of the orange hunter
black stripes in stark contrast
low throated growl as he stalks his prey

coming now to the elephant drivers
Mahout's goofy gap - toothed grin
bright red saliva running from mouth to chin
betel nut quid in mouth as he offers leaf folded
magnanimous gesture to you is behold-ed

accepting graciously you take packet and chew
an energetic feeling gradually washes over you
cooling the head and comforting the heart
you would normally drink bitter black coffee
the nut is much better for a morning jump-start

great gray massive creature moves ponderously slow
but with an incredibly graceful liquid beauty
snake-like trunk like a pendulum swings to and fro
Mahout gives a hum obedient pachyderm kneels
climbing aboard, signal from heels, haathi arises, transport sans wheels

Mitch Fuqua

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