Monday, June 27, 2011

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McKenna was a visionary, not only as an ethnobiologist - shaman, but also because of his "Stoned Ape" hypothesis of human evolution.
( in a nutshell, that man's development of language was a result of his ingestion of "God" - given hallucinogenics ie. { psilocybin } ".
I put "God" in quotation marks because McKenna's own experience with DMT led him to envision "jeweled, self-dribbling basketballs"
or "self-transforming machine elves", suggestive of extra-terrestrial intelligences.
McKenna also developed "Novelty theory", which holds that when the Earth's biosphere has accumulated the critical amount of information, the universe will become sufficiently interconnected to turn into a reality-warping hyperspace.

This will result in "Singularity", or a tantric union that is the ultimate goal of the universe's existence "the Omega Point".

As for the unfortunate battle of religious philosophy,  I personally believe the point is moot.
In my way of thinking, all the main religions of the world are talking about the same God, no matter if they call S/HE.
The only difference between Jews, Christians and Islamics, is the prophet/s who delivered the message.
Each prophet delivered his message to clearly reach his audience.
The Hindi religion seems to be based an understanding of atomic and sub-atomic principles.
The Buddhists, ( not really a religion, but a philosophy ) have no name for God, they believe that enlightenment comes from within.
 I have studied the different religions enough to see the differences and the similarities.
Because of this, I have no name for my "religion". I call myself a "Universalist"
because I don't think that any one religion holds a monopoly on the "TRUTH".
There is a kernel of truth in each one - though some more than others.
If a religion is based in love and compassion then it appeals to me.
If you ever go outside after a long night of "Tripping" and experience the Creator in the myriad
colors as the morning sun illuminates thousands of dew drops clinging to the blades of grass perhaps
you can understand what I am talking about. namaste...

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