Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a question I ask of you.

I know that the old
knowledge of rhythm and poetry
holds the truth
it is part of all cultures.
And take this message.

We are part of the global village
many voices talking at once
most say same
however, in many areas
the message is confused.

High Tower fell
and when it crashed, we lost our ability to communicate.
We have a partnership with our brothers,
wives, our sisters, our mothers.

Communication is scarce although
love shines through the occasional gap in the clouds.
As humans, we must stop depending on expectations.
If you expect others to do perfectly what you think they should do
you will always be dissapointed
you will always make their short-falling
in your eyes
a resentment.

I refuse to try an amnesty.
All have to be willing to compromise anyone's differences.
However, by choosing what you are willing to compromise
your conscience should be your guide.
What - what is it?
Does it serve the freedom and betterment of all ?
Does it concentrate the power to a few ?

That is my question for you.

...........Mitch Fuqua
comments censored by FarceBook ( AKA FascistBook )
That is wonderful Mitch. Very thought provoking. In light of the death of Jack Layton, the leader of the New Democrate Party and Canada's opposition leader, this is a great question for the interim leader (of the NDP) and all people for that matter. Are our messages and actions consistant with one another?
Christine Stewart 1:48pm Aug 22
That is wonderful Mitch. Very thought provoking. In light of the death of Jack Layton, the leader of the New Democrats Party and Canada's opposition leader, this is a great question for the interim leader (of the NDP) and all people for that matter. Are our messages and actions consistent with one another?
Mitch Fuqua
Mitch Fuqua1:51pm Aug 22
Lol...and the loop closes...
Mitch Fuqua
Mitch Fuqua1:53pm Aug 22
as does my last post...see my blog if you want to see me UN-censored... 
Sorry Mitch, thought it was a glitch in the matrix ;)
Christine Stewart 1:56pm Aug 22
Sorry Mitch, thought it was a glitch in the matrix ;) might call it that... { :-p}  * Mitch Fuqua*


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lorem Ipsum ( it's all Greek to me )

Lorem Ipsum ( it's all Greek to me )

the form is illusory
everything in the universe is following the flow
beginning low and trembling
it changes as the electromagnetic oscillations of wavelength shorten
becoming more active
it creates an increasing transmutable form
the sum of our thoughts impact the form
the question of our thoughts is...
will you join us - will you help us
manipulate our love of the world
this a movement and moment of love and virtue in the universe
as love has no fear of evil
and as love grows
we can see the expansion of the universe
and love is growing...

.-. .. -.. -.. .-.. . ... / -.-. .-. . .- - . / -.- -. --- .-- .-.. . -.. --. . Mitch Fuqua

Translation for Lorem Ipsum

form is an illusion.
everything in the universe is the result of vibration.
this starts as lower vibration and changes to electro-magnetic vibration as the wavelength shortens
when energy vibrates, it creates a form.
this form is transmutable as the frequency increases.
the highest frequencies are in the form of our thoughts
our thoughts become our reality
we shape our own future...
with the power of love we can manipulate our universe
love is the emotion and power of the universe
fear and evil are simply the absence of love
as the universe expands
so too our love grows...

........... Mitch Fuqua

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nepalese Jungle

Nepalese Jungle

slowly flowing emerald water pools in placid lake
no tears shed from cat-like eyes of golden green bronze
but there is a grin.........dare say a smile ?
mastering the primal creative force
the toothsome crocodile

a head the verdant subtropical forest looms
in the dappled shade sweet smelling jasmine vines climb
into the canopy
perfect white blooms releasing
the intoxicating perfume of the gods

a rustle in the tall bamboo thicket
materializing as if from another dimension
the sinewy muscled form of the orange hunter
black stripes in stark contrast
low throated growl as he stalks his prey

coming now to the elephant drivers
Mahout's goofy gap - toothed grin
bright red saliva running from mouth to chin
betel nut quid in mouth as he offers leaf folded
magnanimous gesture to you is behold-ed

accepting graciously you take packet and chew
an energetic feeling gradually washes over you
cooling the head and comforting the heart
you would normally drink bitter black coffee
the nut is much better for a morning jump-start

great gray massive creature moves ponderously slow
but with an incredibly graceful liquid beauty
snake-like trunk like a pendulum swings to and fro
Mahout gives a hum obedient pachyderm kneels
climbing aboard, signal from heels, haathi arises, transport sans wheels

Mitch Fuqua

Odd Sam ( Sam I am )

Odd Sam ( Sam I Am )

It all started yesterday afternoon
My name is Sam - do you know who I am ?
I was the most bizarre crash test dummy around
I have a girl
Her name is Alice
Alice is a nurse
Sexy Nurse Alice

We do everything together, Alice and Sam
but yesterday...yesterday we went too far
In the park as it was just getting dark
we tickled the Good Humor Man !
Now you're probably thinking
why we would do such a thing as to tickle the Good Humor Man.

To be perfectly honest with you
I really don't know
It seemed a good idea at the time
Call it a wild hair
Hindsight is twentytwenty it's said

We were standing there
the wind rushing through our hair
I said, "Always stand in my arms."
We heard the tinkling of the bell
smelled the icecreamy smell
I heard someone whisper "DAH"
and like a vision of white
the Icecream Man appeared before me !

And then it happened
Oh Oh Oh ...

The next thing you know we were picking ourselves up off the ground...
brushing bits of grass off our clothes
while the Good Humor Man lay there giggling
tears of laughter streaming down his face
We turned and ran as fast as we could
back to her apartment
"What just happened ?", she said
I just shook my head

From that moment our relationship has changed
But still, it's my opinion
and I know you know what they say about opinions
I have had all evening to think about what happened
Would I have changed things ?
Do you really wear a yellow plastic raincoat?
We go together - Alice and Sam - Sam and Alice
forever memories - Sam is Alice - Alice is Sam
"Are you kidding ?"
"Boom!boom!" sticky sticky sticky
Oh man...
the night is crying
crying tears on the joints of your dreams.

.-. .-. .-. .-. .-. Mitch Fuqua



It was a long time ago that I signed in online
Nothing to watch on the tube - thought I'd just kill some time
I didn't know about Yahoo, My Space or Facebook
It was a chat-room on Wireclub that I happened to look

I was watching the text scroll - one line after another
Comments by jokers and fools, everyone and his brother
I was new to all this, so I just sat and watched it roll
Not a clue I was about to meet the mate for my soul

A message popped up for me much to my great surprise
A woman made a comment about the intensity of my eyes
My mouth dropped open, I wasn't sure what I should say
I never dreamed that I'd meet you on that January day

We chatted for a bit, joking and laughing all the while
I had so much fun with you darling - you gave me a reason to smile
Every night logging on hoping your user name I'd see
Seemed you wanted love and affection exactly like me

Well, we graduated to Yahoo because Wireclub was a zoo
When I could hold it in no longer I let it slip, "I love you."
I nearly cried for joy when you told me, "I love you too."
Think now as I thought then that our love was so true

We shared all of our secrets and we read each other's minds
It was so strangely uncanny happening time after time
You said you wanted to meet me, a trip was scheduled for May
I waited for you to show up but the date slipped away

July, then September, October, November Oh God, how I waited !
And though I died a little each time, my love never was abated
When you canceled the Christmas visit I thought I'd fall apart
I was hurting so badly, like a knife plunged deep in my heart

But what came to light next made me wish I was dead
You had two young daughters and were unhappily wed
I was devastated and broken and I said, "Him or me !"
Seemed this love that we shared was destined never to be

You swore that you'd leave him - get divorced - be my mate
Things would all work out fine for us, just be patient and wait
So I've waited and waited - now ten months have gone by
Does it mean I'm a fool when I break down and cry ?
I just can't give up on you, a lonely victim of fate
Dreaming of the day when no longer I'll have to wait

...........Mitch Fuqua

Queen Moon / King Sun

Queen Moon / King Sun

in time immortal before dawn of man
at the horizon where the sky meets the land
the queen of the moon and the king of the sun
through alchemical conception both became one

supreme force for their union sent doves to bless
they confronted each other in unashamed nakedness
the pure truth of their love was not a illusion
ultimate power released because of their fusion

in slow decaying orbit each one circling their lover
intuitively knowing where to caress one another
atmosphere charged with ozone crackling static
discovering the secret of powerful tantric magick

softly kissing feeling energy beginning to spark
between their lips electricity starting to arc
running her fingers from broad shoulders to chest
sighing as his hand gently cups heaving breast

passion white hot within each of them burning
from base chakra the fire is constantly churning
though the release desired is undeniably strong
to work the spell congress must be prolonged

she gasps for breath as he enters slowly
the act for both is most sacred and holy
joined as one focusing on predetermined goal
kundilini harnessed and kept under control

the power allowed to trickle follows the spine
with intentions of great will to enter the mind
until it is filled completely and no more can it hold
crown chakra opens like lotus and the magick explodes

with the force of a volcano as they give an outcry
each one holding the other as they shiver and sigh
eyes locked on each other sharing passionate kiss
changing the world through shared orgasmic bliss

... --- -- --- - . .. - -... . Mitch Fuqua