Monday, June 27, 2011

Nepalese Jungle

Nepalese Jungle

slowly flowing emerald water pools in placid lake
no tears shed from cat-like eyes of golden green bronze
but there is a grin.........dare say a smile ?
mastering the primal creative force
the toothsome crocodile

a head the verdant subtropical forest looms
in the dappled shade sweet smelling jasmine vines climb
into the canopy
perfect white blooms releasing
the intoxicating perfume of the gods

a rustle in the tall bamboo thicket
materializing as if from another dimension
the sinewy muscled form of the orange hunter
black stripes in stark contrast
low throated growl as he stalks his prey

coming now to the elephant drivers
Mahout's goofy gap - toothed grin
bright red saliva running from mouth to chin
betel nut quid in mouth as he offers leaf folded
magnanimous gesture to you is behold-ed

accepting graciously you take packet and chew
an energetic feeling gradually washes over you
cooling the head and comforting the heart
you would normally drink bitter black coffee
the nut is much better for a morning jump-start

great gray massive creature moves ponderously slow
but with an incredibly graceful liquid beauty
snake-like trunk like a pendulum swings to and fro
Mahout gives a hum obedient pachyderm kneels
climbing aboard, signal from heels, haathi arises, transport sans wheels

Mitch Fuqua

Odd Sam ( Sam I am )

Odd Sam ( Sam I Am )

It all started yesterday afternoon
My name is Sam - do you know who I am ?
I was the most bizarre crash test dummy around
I have a girl
Her name is Alice
Alice is a nurse
Sexy Nurse Alice

We do everything together, Alice and Sam
but yesterday...yesterday we went too far
In the park as it was just getting dark
we tickled the Good Humor Man !
Now you're probably thinking
why we would do such a thing as to tickle the Good Humor Man.

To be perfectly honest with you
I really don't know
It seemed a good idea at the time
Call it a wild hair
Hindsight is twentytwenty it's said

We were standing there
the wind rushing through our hair
I said, "Always stand in my arms."
We heard the tinkling of the bell
smelled the icecreamy smell
I heard someone whisper "DAH"
and like a vision of white
the Icecream Man appeared before me !

And then it happened
Oh Oh Oh ...

The next thing you know we were picking ourselves up off the ground...
brushing bits of grass off our clothes
while the Good Humor Man lay there giggling
tears of laughter streaming down his face
We turned and ran as fast as we could
back to her apartment
"What just happened ?", she said
I just shook my head

From that moment our relationship has changed
But still, it's my opinion
and I know you know what they say about opinions
I have had all evening to think about what happened
Would I have changed things ?
Do you really wear a yellow plastic raincoat?
We go together - Alice and Sam - Sam and Alice
forever memories - Sam is Alice - Alice is Sam
"Are you kidding ?"
"Boom!boom!" sticky sticky sticky
Oh man...
the night is crying
crying tears on the joints of your dreams.

.-. .-. .-. .-. .-. Mitch Fuqua



It was a long time ago that I signed in online
Nothing to watch on the tube - thought I'd just kill some time
I didn't know about Yahoo, My Space or Facebook
It was a chat-room on Wireclub that I happened to look

I was watching the text scroll - one line after another
Comments by jokers and fools, everyone and his brother
I was new to all this, so I just sat and watched it roll
Not a clue I was about to meet the mate for my soul

A message popped up for me much to my great surprise
A woman made a comment about the intensity of my eyes
My mouth dropped open, I wasn't sure what I should say
I never dreamed that I'd meet you on that January day

We chatted for a bit, joking and laughing all the while
I had so much fun with you darling - you gave me a reason to smile
Every night logging on hoping your user name I'd see
Seemed you wanted love and affection exactly like me

Well, we graduated to Yahoo because Wireclub was a zoo
When I could hold it in no longer I let it slip, "I love you."
I nearly cried for joy when you told me, "I love you too."
Think now as I thought then that our love was so true

We shared all of our secrets and we read each other's minds
It was so strangely uncanny happening time after time
You said you wanted to meet me, a trip was scheduled for May
I waited for you to show up but the date slipped away

July, then September, October, November Oh God, how I waited !
And though I died a little each time, my love never was abated
When you canceled the Christmas visit I thought I'd fall apart
I was hurting so badly, like a knife plunged deep in my heart

But what came to light next made me wish I was dead
You had two young daughters and were unhappily wed
I was devastated and broken and I said, "Him or me !"
Seemed this love that we shared was destined never to be

You swore that you'd leave him - get divorced - be my mate
Things would all work out fine for us, just be patient and wait
So I've waited and waited - now ten months have gone by
Does it mean I'm a fool when I break down and cry ?
I just can't give up on you, a lonely victim of fate
Dreaming of the day when no longer I'll have to wait

...........Mitch Fuqua

Queen Moon / King Sun

Queen Moon / King Sun

in time immortal before dawn of man
at the horizon where the sky meets the land
the queen of the moon and the king of the sun
through alchemical conception both became one

supreme force for their union sent doves to bless
they confronted each other in unashamed nakedness
the pure truth of their love was not a illusion
ultimate power released because of their fusion

in slow decaying orbit each one circling their lover
intuitively knowing where to caress one another
atmosphere charged with ozone crackling static
discovering the secret of powerful tantric magick

softly kissing feeling energy beginning to spark
between their lips electricity starting to arc
running her fingers from broad shoulders to chest
sighing as his hand gently cups heaving breast

passion white hot within each of them burning
from base chakra the fire is constantly churning
though the release desired is undeniably strong
to work the spell congress must be prolonged

she gasps for breath as he enters slowly
the act for both is most sacred and holy
joined as one focusing on predetermined goal
kundilini harnessed and kept under control

the power allowed to trickle follows the spine
with intentions of great will to enter the mind
until it is filled completely and no more can it hold
crown chakra opens like lotus and the magick explodes

with the force of a volcano as they give an outcry
each one holding the other as they shiver and sigh
eyes locked on each other sharing passionate kiss
changing the world through shared orgasmic bliss

... --- -- --- - . .. - -... . Mitch Fuqua

Why Cry

Why Cry

Sometimes I wonder why we cry
when someone close to our heart dies
when salty tears course down our face
down to our mouth where we can taste

It's not like they have been erased
they simply go to a better place
they flow through the velvet black of space
existing in a most holy grace

No more they suffer the pain of life
drawn like moths into the light
with Divine Creator joined as one
shining brighter than the brightest sun

For ourselves we grieve, yet all in vain
to try to rid our hearts of pain
dark clouds of despair, tears like rain
what pours out can never be regained

With smiles not sorrow let them go
sweet memories in your heart, not woe
understanding what all should know
one day you'll join those you love so

...........Mitch Fuqua

Astral Flight

Astral Flight

Moonglow shimmers and shines on silver sea
sleepy gray eyes closing silently
drift away to another place
now sunbeams warming up your face
opening eyes, "Is this a dream ?"
illusion not always what it seems
for what you thought was deep twilight
is gone, replaced by sunshine bright

wide awake, you stretch and yawn
the moon - the sea - all traces gone
lying on vivid green grassy mound
you lift yourself up off the ground
in distance hazy blue mountain towers
below you a vast profusion of flowers
bees buzz by as you scurry downhill
to stand in middle of jeweled field

scratching head, "How can this be so ?"
on a beach you slept just hours ago
"Could this be result of astral flight ?"
feeling it is, with childlike delight
traveling with your silvery cord
another vista is your earned reward
knowing now you can move on astral plain
life will never be quite the same

........Mitch Fuqua

Master Jimi

Master Jimi

with fluid fingers
the man coaxes sounds from his guitar
rhythmic pulses proceed
moans cries wails

masterfully he takes his guitar/woman
fuses with her
and releases cosmic consciousness upon the world

seer - sage  poet - mage
"Jimmy James"
of the Blue Flames
pouring out his soul through his religion

sometimes rattling off
machine-gun riffs at naysayers
"I'm gonna put a curse on you
and all your kids will be born completely

words of wisdom for us all
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power
the world will know peace."

sacrificing his love
on a dark stage in Monterrey
flames licking greedily
along her length
as he invokes the higher power

"Feelings - sweet feelings
drop from my fingers... fingers
scuse me while I kiss the sky"
listen to his mantra
"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens."

rest in peace, cosmic soul brother...

........Mitch Fuqua

Blossom of Love ( image by Astrella )

Blossom of Love

come to me dear one, let me look longingly in your eyes
I want you so desperately with a need I can't disguise
what started as friendship has blossomed and grew
tell me I'm not alone - tell me you feel it too

I want to wrap my arms around you in a loving embrace
shower tiny little kisses on your lovely upturned face
press your hand to my chest to feel my madly beating heart
that feels like it will crumble whenever we are apart

in the beginning the feeling was so chaste and pure
but if I can't merge with you now, not sure how I'll endure
If I deny my feelings for you, then I am living a lie
I will not let that happen, I'd rather lay down and die

so I open my heart to you as I plea beseechingly
take my hand and lay bare all of your charms to me
let us join together as man and woman in love
with the glorious blessing of all that's holy above

........... Mitch Fuqua

Desert Dune Dreamer

Desert Dune Dreamer

Cold and lonely the desert dune dreamer
watching the hazy sun sinking under the hill
a victim of happenstance - by no means a schemer
pulls tattered coat around to fight off the chill

trudging ever onward pay no heed to the cost
though he has stumbled a few times and he fell
not sure where he's at, but he knows what he's lost
stuck in this limbo between heaven and hell

thinking sadly about loved ones left so far behind
no matter how badly he wanted, he just couldn't stay
bitter memories slipping up to tug at the mind
a man can not change the past try as he may

the moon rises over shining her pale silvery light
off in the shadowed distance hear the wolves howl
walking through the wilds with the creatures of the night
and like his nocturnal brothers he is on the prowl

travel these badlands in a quiet desperation
till glowing orb of the night is outshined by the sun
in this wasteland of sand and harsh desolation
understanding the journey will never be done

...........Mitch Fuqua

Spin Spin Spin

Spin Spin Spin

Earth spinning lovingly around the Sun
mother Earth held in thrall of the plasma
Sun orbiting too, what draws him is unknown
round and round like a crazy carnival ride
you would think that all these satellites would get dizzy
but after billions of years I suppose it is second nature
and think of the Moon
it spins round the Earth
that spins round the Sun
that spins round something even bigger
that spins round something even bigger than that
no wonder the Moon is a little loony
seems there is always something bigger in the universe to spin around
even galaxys get to spin.
spinning around the rim of a black hole
circle, wobble, spin spin SPIN
but...DON'T FALL IN !
OK. I'm dizzy now...

...........Mitch Fuqua

Sasquatch Encounter

Sasquatch Encounter

a primeval forest in the westerlands
towering evergreen redwoods dripping
mother nature's tears condensed from pacific ocean's mist
dropping down on the arching fern fronds
crystal beads running down the stem
until they are blotted up by the thick
lush emerald green carpet of the moss

bending down to pick mushroom pushing up through the moss
in the cool forest dimness a velvet black silhouette
face unseen yet the soul knows that he is a long distanced brother
hiding out of choice, for we are the monsters who defile his environs
his kind have dwelt here long before we arrived
he will be here long drawn days after we have left

not homo sapiens man, he lives off the land
his scent reaches you about the same time your funk assails him
you smell dung but it is at least a natural odor
he smells unnatural stink of you, chemicals and big city death
wailing he turns and crashes through the forest and is gone
although easily three times your size, he is terrified.
how does it feel to be the monster ?

...........Mitch Fuqua

A multitounged translation of "To everything there is a season" verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1 as found in the King James Version of the Bible

I took the "To everything there is a season" verse from
Ecclesiastes 3:1 as found in the King James Version of the Bible and translated it through the 4 major languages of the world in order of number of people speaking each language. I started with Chinese and went to Spanish, then to Hindi, finally back to English.
The result was interesting...

All things pass under heaven all the time:
Birth of a time to die, a time for a time, factory, plant extract, but also
For a time, killing time while a break to heal, a time to build
For a while, crying, laughing, sometimes, to grieve, time to dance;
A stone's throw away, time to gather stones A time to embrace, a time to stay with a hug;
One way to keep lost time once, and a time to cast away;
A tear, sew a time, to a silent, to a point in time to time;
At one time, a time to love and hate, war time, peace for a while.

Here is the original text...

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

Highland Dan ( a poem in Galic and English )

Highland Dán (a poem in Gaelic)

Tá an sliabh ar sentinel eibhir liath
cosúil leis an sprús firs giants
robes drooping na glas
aill craggy le crainn beithe airgid
shining tríd an bhforaois dim
charms ar an uaigneas uaigneach súile jaded

Tiubh mist foggy ardú suas ó
doimhneacht dubh shadowy den loch
ag trasnú an moors móinteacha drifting go mall i dtreo fraochmhá
i gcás an fraoch corcra highland i gcodarsnacht lom aitinn buí beoga

Sníonn an ceo nós wraith adh
slipping tríd an donn raithneach
ardú suas serpentine glas straths o 'ghleanna
níos airde nook sciath-áit a bhfuil an trickles sruth glioscarnach
linnte criostalach na enveloped calma ag caonach emerald velvety
mar a dhéanann an t-uisce ar bhealach shadowed
ag raithneacha agus sabhaircíní
tharraingt anuas ar an dell ... leis an loch ... go dtí an fharraige

........... Mitch Fuqua

now in English...

Highland Poem

The mountain a grey granite sentinel
spruce firs like giants with
drooping robes of green
craggy cliff with silver birch trees
shining through the dim forest
the lonely loneliness charms jaded eyes

Thick foggy mist rising up from the
shadowy black depths of the loch
crossing the peaty moors drifting slowly toward heath
where the purple highland heather in stark contrast of vivid yellow gorse

The fog flows like a silent wraith
slipping through the bracken brown
rising up serpentine green straths o' glen
higher sheltered nook where the shimmering stream trickles
crystalline pools of calm enveloped by velvety emerald moss
as the water makes way shadowed
by ferns and primroses
drawn down the dell... to the loch... to the sea

...........Mitch Fuqua

The Merging

The Merging

I remember the visage of your face
the way we had the fire of desire was like a secret world of dreams
I remember in the dream's creation
the fires that burned shared between us
it took me by surprise that you were my Goddess
I had the joy to worship at your altar

soft woman of silky brown hair and creamy white skin
blood red ruby lips demanding to be kissed
breasts like teacups with coral pink tips
deep brown eyes smoldering as coals
lithe curves sculpted comparable to a masterpiece
intoxicating, mesmerizing, my vital fluid simmers

lowering of eyes silently bidding me to come closer
looking into such eyes there is only acceptance
no denying your wish, even if I so willed it
I am lost, I am your servant, I live to fulfill your desires
seeing this you demurely smile knowing I am yours
the Priestess drawing power from her acolyte

your lips parting slightly to elicit the coming kiss
tender at first but growing in passion exponentially
mouths opening more as our tongues explore each other
tasting of chocolate, wine, and overwhelming need
sucking in lower lip to nibble it gently
you moan softly as I pull away to nuzzle your neck

room getting warmer as our breathing starts to quicken
feel the electricity intensify as I caress your breasts
a sharp gasp as lips close around rigid points in turn
taking my head in your hands you push it lower
letting you guide me to the desired destination
a flower is blooming, overflowing with sweet nectar

kiss me, taste me, devour me I hear you quietly whisper
I lower my face to you and silently obey your wishes
my mouth touches your body trembling as a leaf
the fragrance of your femininity filling my scent
the taste of you like the ambrosia of the Gods
butterfly wings beating as you grasp my hair

all else melts to oblivion as I continue my succor
lingua describing circles clockwise and counter
body unconsciously stiffening to shudder once, then twice
you use pillow to muffle your crescending cries
now you are mine - the servant becomes the master
a sword slowly impales sublime pleasure is shared

holding tightly we embrace body's glistening in the firelight
eyes locked on each other as we fall into rhythm
again calling out as current flows through like lightning
feel the pressure build as the climax approaches
with the roar of an animal I let loose the seed
nirvana for both of us now has been attained

gently easing myself to lay right there beside you
the dynamic has shifted see how now we are equal
breath slowing gradually returning to normal
I see you looking at me the way I looked at you
we turn to face each other and I brush hair out of your eyes
now and forevermore we shall always be as one

...........Mitch Fuqua

Ode to a Rose

Ode to the Rose

Moses supposes his toeses are roses,
But Moses supposes erroneously,
For nobody's toeses we knowses are roses,
As Moses supposes his toeses to be!

roses have been venerated all through the ages
of quotes on their beauty written pages upon pages
whether moonstruck by rapture or falling in stages
roses are metaphors for love often spoken by sages

pink roses stand for new love, elating and inspiring
crimson red roses signify love immortal found
white roses symbolize love dead or expiring
black roses for love buried deep in the ground

Shakespeare penned in his time what i now repeat
a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet
perchance bard was enraptured by passion's white heat
words enduring forever so perfect and complete

roses are quite often the subject matter of song
like roses are red, my love, and violets are blue
making feelings so good can't help but sing right along
words springing to life like a bell ringing so true

to stop and smell the roses everyone should take the time
living life without the scent of them would surely be a crime
they're free for all to enjoy cause it doesn't cost a dime
sweetness of the rose's intoxicating fragrance is sublime

it has been often said every rose has it's sharp thorn
careless love, the lover pricked, see the red blood flow
but if flesh be rended let nary another soul be mourn
all is fair in love and war and so the novice learns to know

though it might certainly be thought that the matter is agreed
a rose garden for a kindred flame is never guaranteed
beaten, broken, scarred but still unwilling to concede
they give their all and die for love, now watch the poor fool bleed

the black death is the subject of "Ring a-ring o' roses"
"a pocketful of posies" for rosy rash and smell of death
"a-tishoo!, a-tishoo !" was the sneezing and covering of noses
"We all fall down." as they drew their final gasping breath

Moses supposes his toeses are roses,
But Moses supposes erroneously,
For nobody's toeses we knowses are roses,
As Moses supposes his toeses to be!
Into and Extro from  Anonymous
Main body of poem from  Mitch Fuqua

Creating Souls


Creating Souls

The curious look to the seasoned heart
Grace seeing wanting
River of love flowing over timeless white sands
Beautifully under heaven

Meeting on solitary island
In a bay pale blue waters lapping at the shore
Softly filtered sun warming you happily
A tender unbroken kiss is given and returned

Spiritual shining light creating in Heaven
Grace should not be timely
Seeming wondrously slow
Time is not measured by hours but by eons
As it spools out behind us
Feel the ebb and the flow

Angels descending from celestial vault
Bringing souls to pour
Filling up brittle clay vessels
Beautifully under heaven

Child will be born under love under laughter
Grace is somehow always wonderfully coloured
Take the young one let it nourish on dreams
Bringing pure white light to enlighten the world

...........Mitch Fuqua

Loch Nessie

Loch Nessie

in the highlands of bonny Scotland there lies a murky lake
tis said it hides a strange creature
some say real - some say fake
the locals call her Nessie and she lives in legend and story
monster hunters and scientists have made the old girl their quarry.

Loch Ness where she lives is very dark and quite deep
at nearly 125 fathoms translates
to an amazing 754 feet
water stained dark as coffee from the tannins of the peat
searchers looking for answers perhaps doomed to defeat

a plesiosaur is her species - a kind of aquatic dinosaur
worldwide tourists come to Loch Ness
they trudge all around the shore
armed with digital video cameras,they are looking to score
till last frustrated - exasperated they give up on the chore

mysterious Nessie and I think it is hilariously funny
traveling thousands of miles
giving the locals their money
if her kind have survived unseen all these millions of years
do these fools think the enigma will somehow miraculously appear ?

........Mitch Fuqua

The Spider and the Butterfly

The Spider and the Butterfly

the space between your fingers varies, yet mine were created to fill them

I may be alone in the world, yet you are in my world.
you are my world
you are in me - I am in you
would you like another clue ?

although the world can be strange and we can be a little weird,
we fell in mutual weirdness that could only be called love.

your declaration of love meant for my ears was drowned out by
the roar of the whisper in mind
the savage tribal drumming of my heart
the celestial hum of my soul

truly, The hardest thing you'll ever do - watch one you love, love someone new

the lesson was learned
the exquisite pleasure of love lasts while it lasts
the candle was burned
the tortuous pain of love remains till you die
the page was turned

I went to question the master...
"Master, I humbly ask you... enlighten on the nature of love."
he bowed and said, "Love is like a butterfly
it goes where it pleases, it delights wherever it goes...
Love is like a butterfly
if one pursues it, it will flutter away
if one sits very peacefully and
has the patience of the garden spider
it may become web entangled
and there it will stay."

he walked to the phonograph
put on a record
and from the speaker music began to play...
"and in the end
the love you take
is equal to the make."

........Mitch Fuqua

The Lotue Eaters ( lotophagi)

                                                             Lotus Eaters ( lotophagi )

rising up from the alluvial mud of the Nile
falcon headed Horus looking down with a smile
symbol of rebirth the most beautiful flower
lotus giving placidity, empathy, love and power

brave Ulysses came upon the eaters of lotus
his men ate thereof and lost of their focus
lost in ecstasy lost in bliss forgetting about home
dreamy eyed chanting mantra Ommmmmmmmm

sacrament lotus is manna forgotten in time
Egyptians floating blossoms in chaises of wine
in Tutankhamen’s chamber sealed untold ages ago
ancient seeds when planted sprouting to grow

lotus can lead gently into blessed nirvana
heaven on earth man creates his own karma
highest happiness comes from enlightenment
Creator gives all good to use as sacrament

realize that true bodhi results from endless questing
using God's sacrament facilitated by ingesting
understanding that everything is in constant flux
satyam or mithya is the nature of the crux

. .- - - .... . .-.. --- - ..- ... Mitch Fuqua
I am posting this here because It seems that I am being CENSORED on Facebook.
Here is the link I was commenting on... 

McKenna was a visionary, not only as an ethnobiologist - shaman, but also because of his "Stoned Ape" hypothesis of human evolution.
( in a nutshell, that man's development of language was a result of his ingestion of "God" - given hallucinogenics ie. { psilocybin } ".
I put "God" in quotation marks because McKenna's own experience with DMT led him to envision "jeweled, self-dribbling basketballs"
or "self-transforming machine elves", suggestive of extra-terrestrial intelligences.
McKenna also developed "Novelty theory", which holds that when the Earth's biosphere has accumulated the critical amount of information, the universe will become sufficiently interconnected to turn into a reality-warping hyperspace.

This will result in "Singularity", or a tantric union that is the ultimate goal of the universe's existence "the Omega Point".

As for the unfortunate battle of religious philosophy,  I personally believe the point is moot.
In my way of thinking, all the main religions of the world are talking about the same God, no matter if they call S/HE.
The only difference between Jews, Christians and Islamics, is the prophet/s who delivered the message.
Each prophet delivered his message to clearly reach his audience.
The Hindi religion seems to be based an understanding of atomic and sub-atomic principles.
The Buddhists, ( not really a religion, but a philosophy ) have no name for God, they believe that enlightenment comes from within.
 I have studied the different religions enough to see the differences and the similarities.
Because of this, I have no name for my "religion". I call myself a "Universalist"
because I don't think that any one religion holds a monopoly on the "TRUTH".
There is a kernel of truth in each one - though some more than others.
If a religion is based in love and compassion then it appeals to me.
If you ever go outside after a long night of "Tripping" and experience the Creator in the myriad
colors as the morning sun illuminates thousands of dew drops clinging to the blades of grass perhaps
you can understand what I am talking about. namaste...