Monday, June 27, 2011

Blossom of Love ( image by Astrella )

Blossom of Love

come to me dear one, let me look longingly in your eyes
I want you so desperately with a need I can't disguise
what started as friendship has blossomed and grew
tell me I'm not alone - tell me you feel it too

I want to wrap my arms around you in a loving embrace
shower tiny little kisses on your lovely upturned face
press your hand to my chest to feel my madly beating heart
that feels like it will crumble whenever we are apart

in the beginning the feeling was so chaste and pure
but if I can't merge with you now, not sure how I'll endure
If I deny my feelings for you, then I am living a lie
I will not let that happen, I'd rather lay down and die

so I open my heart to you as I plea beseechingly
take my hand and lay bare all of your charms to me
let us join together as man and woman in love
with the glorious blessing of all that's holy above

........... Mitch Fuqua

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