Monday, June 27, 2011

Astral Flight

Astral Flight

Moonglow shimmers and shines on silver sea
sleepy gray eyes closing silently
drift away to another place
now sunbeams warming up your face
opening eyes, "Is this a dream ?"
illusion not always what it seems
for what you thought was deep twilight
is gone, replaced by sunshine bright

wide awake, you stretch and yawn
the moon - the sea - all traces gone
lying on vivid green grassy mound
you lift yourself up off the ground
in distance hazy blue mountain towers
below you a vast profusion of flowers
bees buzz by as you scurry downhill
to stand in middle of jeweled field

scratching head, "How can this be so ?"
on a beach you slept just hours ago
"Could this be result of astral flight ?"
feeling it is, with childlike delight
traveling with your silvery cord
another vista is your earned reward
knowing now you can move on astral plain
life will never be quite the same

........Mitch Fuqua

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