Monday, June 27, 2011

Loch Nessie

Loch Nessie

in the highlands of bonny Scotland there lies a murky lake
tis said it hides a strange creature
some say real - some say fake
the locals call her Nessie and she lives in legend and story
monster hunters and scientists have made the old girl their quarry.

Loch Ness where she lives is very dark and quite deep
at nearly 125 fathoms translates
to an amazing 754 feet
water stained dark as coffee from the tannins of the peat
searchers looking for answers perhaps doomed to defeat

a plesiosaur is her species - a kind of aquatic dinosaur
worldwide tourists come to Loch Ness
they trudge all around the shore
armed with digital video cameras,they are looking to score
till last frustrated - exasperated they give up on the chore

mysterious Nessie and I think it is hilariously funny
traveling thousands of miles
giving the locals their money
if her kind have survived unseen all these millions of years
do these fools think the enigma will somehow miraculously appear ?

........Mitch Fuqua

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