Monday, June 27, 2011

Sasquatch Encounter

Sasquatch Encounter

a primeval forest in the westerlands
towering evergreen redwoods dripping
mother nature's tears condensed from pacific ocean's mist
dropping down on the arching fern fronds
crystal beads running down the stem
until they are blotted up by the thick
lush emerald green carpet of the moss

bending down to pick mushroom pushing up through the moss
in the cool forest dimness a velvet black silhouette
face unseen yet the soul knows that he is a long distanced brother
hiding out of choice, for we are the monsters who defile his environs
his kind have dwelt here long before we arrived
he will be here long drawn days after we have left

not homo sapiens man, he lives off the land
his scent reaches you about the same time your funk assails him
you smell dung but it is at least a natural odor
he smells unnatural stink of you, chemicals and big city death
wailing he turns and crashes through the forest and is gone
although easily three times your size, he is terrified.
how does it feel to be the monster ?

...........Mitch Fuqua

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