Monday, June 27, 2011



It was a long time ago that I signed in online
Nothing to watch on the tube - thought I'd just kill some time
I didn't know about Yahoo, My Space or Facebook
It was a chat-room on Wireclub that I happened to look

I was watching the text scroll - one line after another
Comments by jokers and fools, everyone and his brother
I was new to all this, so I just sat and watched it roll
Not a clue I was about to meet the mate for my soul

A message popped up for me much to my great surprise
A woman made a comment about the intensity of my eyes
My mouth dropped open, I wasn't sure what I should say
I never dreamed that I'd meet you on that January day

We chatted for a bit, joking and laughing all the while
I had so much fun with you darling - you gave me a reason to smile
Every night logging on hoping your user name I'd see
Seemed you wanted love and affection exactly like me

Well, we graduated to Yahoo because Wireclub was a zoo
When I could hold it in no longer I let it slip, "I love you."
I nearly cried for joy when you told me, "I love you too."
Think now as I thought then that our love was so true

We shared all of our secrets and we read each other's minds
It was so strangely uncanny happening time after time
You said you wanted to meet me, a trip was scheduled for May
I waited for you to show up but the date slipped away

July, then September, October, November Oh God, how I waited !
And though I died a little each time, my love never was abated
When you canceled the Christmas visit I thought I'd fall apart
I was hurting so badly, like a knife plunged deep in my heart

But what came to light next made me wish I was dead
You had two young daughters and were unhappily wed
I was devastated and broken and I said, "Him or me !"
Seemed this love that we shared was destined never to be

You swore that you'd leave him - get divorced - be my mate
Things would all work out fine for us, just be patient and wait
So I've waited and waited - now ten months have gone by
Does it mean I'm a fool when I break down and cry ?
I just can't give up on you, a lonely victim of fate
Dreaming of the day when no longer I'll have to wait

...........Mitch Fuqua

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