Monday, June 27, 2011

Queen Moon / King Sun

Queen Moon / King Sun

in time immortal before dawn of man
at the horizon where the sky meets the land
the queen of the moon and the king of the sun
through alchemical conception both became one

supreme force for their union sent doves to bless
they confronted each other in unashamed nakedness
the pure truth of their love was not a illusion
ultimate power released because of their fusion

in slow decaying orbit each one circling their lover
intuitively knowing where to caress one another
atmosphere charged with ozone crackling static
discovering the secret of powerful tantric magick

softly kissing feeling energy beginning to spark
between their lips electricity starting to arc
running her fingers from broad shoulders to chest
sighing as his hand gently cups heaving breast

passion white hot within each of them burning
from base chakra the fire is constantly churning
though the release desired is undeniably strong
to work the spell congress must be prolonged

she gasps for breath as he enters slowly
the act for both is most sacred and holy
joined as one focusing on predetermined goal
kundilini harnessed and kept under control

the power allowed to trickle follows the spine
with intentions of great will to enter the mind
until it is filled completely and no more can it hold
crown chakra opens like lotus and the magick explodes

with the force of a volcano as they give an outcry
each one holding the other as they shiver and sigh
eyes locked on each other sharing passionate kiss
changing the world through shared orgasmic bliss

... --- -- --- - . .. - -... . Mitch Fuqua

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