Friday, April 22, 2011



an ancient symbol steeped in Oriental lore
one that has seen by most of us before
what is identified by people as the yin-yang
duality and singularity shown as the same

the two halves are seen as the division of one
but understanding the nature has only begun
for although divided as is obviously known
each part separated can not stand alone

form fitting form, each defining the other
the ultimate couple were made for another
separation between them is something tragic
union between them is altogether magick

as good follows bad - as happy follows sad
right swings to left - left swings to right
as bright light of day flows into pitch black of night
hot turns to cold just as youth must grow old

this is the cycle and the way it forever must be
like never ending flow of river from mountain to sea
and like all things in nature there's no right and no wrong
value judgments on the universe simply do not belong

the most awe inspiring part that makes me understand
yin can represent woman and yang can represent man
as they flow into each other - the halves becoming one whole
sublime magick can happen - creation of another living soul
...........Mitch Fuqua

CHRISTIANITY, TAO and DUALISM!/photo.php?fbid=167885319906591&set=a.151850394843417.35737.100000553716845&type=1&theater


I am the one, there is none beside me.
I form the light and the darkness
I make the peace, and create evil
Have you ever heard this before ?
Do you have any idea who said this ?
If you have ever read the Bible, you might know that this is from the Book of Isaiah.
I paraphrased it. The actual scripture follows...
Isaiah 45:6 So that from the rising of the sun
to the place of it's setting
men may know there is none beside me.
I am the LORD, and there is no other.
Isaiah 45:7 I form the light and create the darkness,
I make the peace and create evil;
I the LORD do all these things.
Does this confuse you ? How can God create evil ?
Can this possibly be true ?
The answer will probably surprise you. That is because you think in a dualistic way. What does that mean ? It means your brain processes information through Dualism.
Don't feel bad about it, the overwhelming majority of people think exactly the same way.
Let's examine Dualism, shall we ?
I will try to help you understand as well as I can.

To grossly simplify it, Dualism is
an either / or way of thinking.
Even computers "think" in duality,
unless programmed not to do so.
Computers use binary programs, IE: 1 or 0
As humans we do too. Here are some examples...
Black or White Good or Evil Hot or Cold
Difficult or Easy Right or Wrong Old or New
This is a very easy trap to fall into. It is the way the human mind has developed over the course of evolution, and it has sufficed.
Stop and think about it though,
is this smartest way to examine our world?
Everything is not black or white - is there not gray ?
The same thing can be said of good and evil. Who is without at least a little bit of evil in them ?
Hot and cold...ever heard of lukewarm ?
I think I have made my point. What I am saying in a nutshell is that there are no absolutes.
( I can hear the know-it-all in the back row saying,
"You just made an absolute statement !"
To that person I say that I did
NOT say that there are ABSOLUTELY no absolutes, but you ARE an ABSOLUTE MORON !)
Forgive me dear reader, I digress.

To deal with this problem of Duality, I suggest that we look at things in a zen-like way.
There is a little white in the black -
There is a little black in the white...
Zen masters see the Duality, they also see the ONE.
The One can be seen as divided -
but even so - it does not cease to be One.
The yin/yang symbol is a good illustration of this,
for although half is black
and half is white, they wrap around each other to form a whole. They are in perfect balance, and each depends on the other to exist.
To draw another analogy,
let us think of Duality as two sides of the same coin...
If one side is painted white
and the other side is painted black..
if you toss it in the air
50% of the time it will land black side up.
The other 50% of the time it will land white side up.
If you spin the coin fast enough it will appear gray.
This is a basic tenant of Tao, (pronounced dow)
an ancient oriental philosophy.
I'm sure you have heard of the Buddhist's desire
to "Be one with everything."
In Taoist thinking we should "see" things as a whole.
We should not "see" the tree, but rather the forest.
We should not "see" ourselves as individuals
but as all of humanity if not the entire planet.
That is why Taoists have such a high regard for ALL life.
We should strive to not dwell on the past,
or worry about the future, but live in the NOW.
We should not be judgmental, but accepting.
The Bible tells us many of the same things...
I can't quote the exact scripture,
but I seem to remember The Bible as saying
we should trust in the Lord,
because the Lord will provide.
We should not judge our fellow man -
that is a job for the Lord.
"Judge not your fellow man
lest ye be judged in the same manner."
Then there is the maddening quote from Isaiah...
I am the one
and there is no other
I am the LORD.
I form the light
and create the darkness,
I make the peace and create evil;
I the LORD do all these things.

One other point I neglected to mention,
another basic idea of zen is that life is like a river.
It flows to the sea. You can not stop the river, the river
make it's way regardless of how you try to obstruct it.
It will simply go around the obstacle.
That is why we should not try to fight the river,
but behave as leaves floating on the surface.
This is what it means to "go with the flow."
I hope you can see the wisdom of this axiom.

Namaste', love, light, and peace to you and yours...

...........Mitch Fuqua

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Poem

Easter Poem

Easter is a time when we think about the Christ
who gave his life so that we could be forgiven
He suffered so that we would know
that we would gain entrance into heaven

the blood was shed in good faith
he did what he did for humanity
a holy man who had a dream
that God is reigning love supreme
we are children of our universal Creator

They nailed him to a cross
left him there in agony
for 6 long hours he endured
on that hill in Calgary

a peaceful man - a loving man
a messiah foretold in sacred tomes of the Jew
and as the blood ran crimson he said,
"Forgive them, Father
for they know not what they do."

He looked to sky
asked God why.
"Father, Father,  why hast thou forsaken me ?"
he knew in his heart
it was his choice
from the very start
he guided his life to ancient prophecy

as the noon day sun darkened
and the crows gathered near
he gasped his last words
"it is done"
and died.
angels cried.

his followers pulled him off the cross
his shell was tenderly cleaned
wrapped in white linen
placed inside a cave
a stone was rolled in front of the cave
to keep the vermin out.

a violent earthquake began to shake
as Mary, Joanna, Salome and
Mary Magdalene approached the tomb
angel bright - dressed all in white
rolled the stone to open the tomb

"He has risen, the angel said,
just as He promised. Go and see for yourself"
trembling with fear and joy, the women entered the cave
Jesus met them once inside saying,
"Do not be afraid",
then he said, "Tell my brothers go to Galilee.
That is where they will see me."

before He rose into the sky he gave the Great Commission
saying, "Go ye out my followers,
spread the good news from nation to nation
by the blood of the lamb you are given salvation."

+T+  +T+  +T+  Mitch Fuqua

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Salt of the Earth ( Hillbillyzen )

While camping in Virginia
just east of Kentucky north of Tennesee.
I took a walk deep in the wood
just to enjoy the scenery.

I came upon an old farmstead
with an old-timer on a old time rocking chair.
His face was leathered by sun,
wrinkled - worn and greying hair

a jug of moonshine was at his feet
beside him snored a blue tick hound
the dog sniffed and barked at my approach
the old man jerked and looked around

he turned his reumy eyes on me
and smiled at me with a gap-toothed grin
I said "What's that you're drinking, Zeb ?
High test corn or bathtub gin ?"

Boy, you callin me a drunk ?
You think I like to drink ?
Causin if you do, I've news for you,
perhaps you'd best re-think.

I was born my father's son
as my father was before me.
Our family crossed the ocean wide
to a land that then was free.

We cleared the forest, we cultivated the land
we worked hard - you understand ?
We raised generations one by one
from dawn until the setting sun / son.

In God's country we grew corn
fed kin and livestock...
We had a vegetable garden where we grew
cabbage - tators - pole beans - t'maters too.
We canned and stocked our larder,
what was left we gave to friends
or to people that were in need.

We all pulled together - we all looked after our brother.
Where did those days go ?

The corn that grew in fertile soil with God's blessing was full.
More than we could ever give away,
waste not / want not - we took the rest
up in the hill to Pappy's still

We soaked sour mash - we added malt.
We stirred it up and made a beer.
We strained it good - we lit a fire.
We drained the beer into the still...
boiler thumping - copper tube hissing,
draw some off and take a bead.

There was an art to making shine

When it was done and right
you could drink it and it would sit in your mouth
as sweet as branch water.
Swallow and it would gently warm yer innards
until it lit a pleasant fire in the pit of your stomach.
That kinda lickker is as rare as a honest pol-tician

Survival or tradition, we put into the land
what we took out of the land.
The land was in our blood
we would spill our blood over our land.
The flesh, blood and sweat of our fathers enriched it,
the tears of our mothers watered it
and so gave of themselves to future generations.
You think I'm a drunk - think again...
What will you be allowed to give your children ?

The goverment made us stop makin our own whiskey.
They passed a tax law that took the profit away
then with pro-bition, the profit lost was took back again.
When repealed - in bottles bonded - uncle Sam smiled once more
profit given to the rich - welfare given to the poor

So I carry on and I taught my son
to try to work and make his own way.
And I'll stand proud and I'll stand tall
when I stand before God on judgment day.
And if you look at me and all you can see is a hillbilly drunk
I'll have you know, that hit ain't so,
how far now has our country sunk ?
How much lower can it go ?

In his cloudy eyes I saw tears uncried,
shame and sadness washed over me.
He said he took a sip every now and again
to remind him of how sweet life used to be.
I hate to admit, but I turned away
there was nothing for me to say that day,
but I still ponder every now and then
the wise old man and his hillbilly zen.

-.-. .-. . .- - --- .-.   -... .   .-- .. - ....   ..- ...  Mitch Fuqua

The Rift and The Rift "revised"

The Rift

timeworn crevasse going through the mountain   in the pooling sunlight golden rays
alpine trees silhouetted against the setting sun
periwinkle clouds floating ethereally   in a sky the color of pink  lemonade
the first faint twinkling of stars  in the darkening vault above

touch the stone walls as traversing the mountain
cold hard granite  passes under your fingers
sliding along squeezed by the deepening chasm
the ancient grit of time forgotten sifting down

feel the cool breeze as it plummets down off the mountain
to make the hair buffet the face all around
hear the breath of the wind as it sails past the ears
it whispers and urges a little further on

the rift widens out into a deep pristine valley
a land untrod by men since the dawn of time
an inky black lake silver moonrays playing on the ripples
and off in the distance a creature wails lonely and forgotten

                                                                                       Mitch Fuqua

The Rift Revised

Along the rift and growing dimmer, the last faint stars in the limitless void
pale periwinkle lilac clouds float ethereally in the pink lemonaide sky
golden sunlight color streams photons illuminating
desperate wind gnarled trees silhouetted

around the time of the ancient stone walls exposed to elements unmerciful
fissure like cracks opening on either side under stress enormous pressure
now the other side is crumbling bits and pieces falling away
rubble floored pathway opening to the shadowed maw of the chasm

set high in the mountain wall a forgotten chosen path now forlorn
the cold hard granite passage now frigid with icy breath of old man mountain
cutting it hits the face slides along jaw over ear tingling then numb
wind howling like a banshee as it tears down the mountain slope

far below in the sheltered valley surrounded by coniferous trees
in a deep wound in the earth gouged by glacier in age of mastodon
pools a black inky loch white fog rising from calm still waters
undefeated sun sinking to the bottom of the lonely lake

                                                       Mitch Fuqua

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Tree of Life ( 6377292 ) Fruit

The Tree of Life
( 6377292 ) Fruit

Ants live HOLY
Ants live wholly in the ground
They all work together
without ever making a sound

Their nest is their home
They might roam far away
but they always return
each and every day

The propagation of the code
sadly, is their only goal
They might live on forever,
but do ants have a soul ?

 Have you ever heard of chaos theory ?

Turn your input on
300 million people use Google a day.
300 million people can't be WRONG !
So fire up your computer
before it's taken away.

As humans we are special
The Creator gave us a garden of Eden
We could have lived as children forever
but we chose free will - so we are on our own.

Great civilizations have risen
and all of them crumble back into earth
Our source is the universe,
we are holy from birth

We need to recognize that we are Star-seed
The Force created a garden,
gave us every element we would need
and we are the caretakers
If we neglect the garden it will be choked with weeds
The sun kissed fruit will mottle

The fruit at the top will survive,
perhaps even thrive
with all the rotten fruit below
in the compost heap
with the worms eating and crawling

The sky opens up

A bolt strikes the tree
exploding on fire
and light years in the distance
the vibration of a celestial choir
All part of God is a part of All

This is the ending of the myth

Tree destroyed - fruit scattered
All of it resting on fertile soil
and deep below the worms still toil
making terabella with each inch they crawl
Seeds from the most rotten fruit are the first to sprout
but seeds from fresher fruit will wait

Now back to chaos theory...

There is a FORCE
an om ni present SOURCE
that takes chaos to make order
IT is creative - ever demonstrative
that IT WILL see
IT's WILL be done
from the rising
to the setting of the Sun

Was this all just lucky chance ?
A ONE in 3 -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 -> 3 -> 27 -> 2 -> 2
Ho ho ha ha hee hee hee
Now back to the tree...

The tree is gone ...
scattered fruit all over the lawn
but the seeds of the fruit carry the possibility on
What God has made
no man will pull asunder

 Despite the distant rumbling of thunder....

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-.. .-..  Mitch Fuqua

The Tree of Life

Friday, April 1, 2011

My very first post ! I am EXCITED !

Welcome to my world. My name is Mitch Fuqua, and I created this blog because I got fed up with a certain social networking site censoring me. I hope to be able to share with those who would like to hear what is on my mind. You are encouraged to make comments and I hope to build a dialog that will benefit everyone.

The only thing I ask is that you try to be respectful of ALL parties, and that you do not use language that might offend others unless it core to your statement.

I look forward to corresponding with you all, and if you have ideas for me to make the blog better, please feel free to share them...
                                with love and peace to you and yours....MpF