Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Poem

Easter Poem

Easter is a time when we think about the Christ
who gave his life so that we could be forgiven
He suffered so that we would know
that we would gain entrance into heaven

the blood was shed in good faith
he did what he did for humanity
a holy man who had a dream
that God is reigning love supreme
we are children of our universal Creator

They nailed him to a cross
left him there in agony
for 6 long hours he endured
on that hill in Calgary

a peaceful man - a loving man
a messiah foretold in sacred tomes of the Jew
and as the blood ran crimson he said,
"Forgive them, Father
for they know not what they do."

He looked to sky
asked God why.
"Father, Father,  why hast thou forsaken me ?"
he knew in his heart
it was his choice
from the very start
he guided his life to ancient prophecy

as the noon day sun darkened
and the crows gathered near
he gasped his last words
"it is done"
and died.
angels cried.

his followers pulled him off the cross
his shell was tenderly cleaned
wrapped in white linen
placed inside a cave
a stone was rolled in front of the cave
to keep the vermin out.

a violent earthquake began to shake
as Mary, Joanna, Salome and
Mary Magdalene approached the tomb
angel bright - dressed all in white
rolled the stone to open the tomb

"He has risen, the angel said,
just as He promised. Go and see for yourself"
trembling with fear and joy, the women entered the cave
Jesus met them once inside saying,
"Do not be afraid",
then he said, "Tell my brothers go to Galilee.
That is where they will see me."

before He rose into the sky he gave the Great Commission
saying, "Go ye out my followers,
spread the good news from nation to nation
by the blood of the lamb you are given salvation."

+T+  +T+  +T+  Mitch Fuqua

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