Friday, April 22, 2011



an ancient symbol steeped in Oriental lore
one that has seen by most of us before
what is identified by people as the yin-yang
duality and singularity shown as the same

the two halves are seen as the division of one
but understanding the nature has only begun
for although divided as is obviously known
each part separated can not stand alone

form fitting form, each defining the other
the ultimate couple were made for another
separation between them is something tragic
union between them is altogether magick

as good follows bad - as happy follows sad
right swings to left - left swings to right
as bright light of day flows into pitch black of night
hot turns to cold just as youth must grow old

this is the cycle and the way it forever must be
like never ending flow of river from mountain to sea
and like all things in nature there's no right and no wrong
value judgments on the universe simply do not belong

the most awe inspiring part that makes me understand
yin can represent woman and yang can represent man
as they flow into each other - the halves becoming one whole
sublime magick can happen - creation of another living soul
...........Mitch Fuqua

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