Monday, June 27, 2011

The Lotue Eaters ( lotophagi)

                                                             Lotus Eaters ( lotophagi )

rising up from the alluvial mud of the Nile
falcon headed Horus looking down with a smile
symbol of rebirth the most beautiful flower
lotus giving placidity, empathy, love and power

brave Ulysses came upon the eaters of lotus
his men ate thereof and lost of their focus
lost in ecstasy lost in bliss forgetting about home
dreamy eyed chanting mantra Ommmmmmmmm

sacrament lotus is manna forgotten in time
Egyptians floating blossoms in chaises of wine
in Tutankhamen’s chamber sealed untold ages ago
ancient seeds when planted sprouting to grow

lotus can lead gently into blessed nirvana
heaven on earth man creates his own karma
highest happiness comes from enlightenment
Creator gives all good to use as sacrament

realize that true bodhi results from endless questing
using God's sacrament facilitated by ingesting
understanding that everything is in constant flux
satyam or mithya is the nature of the crux

. .- - - .... . .-.. --- - ..- ... Mitch Fuqua

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