Monday, June 27, 2011

The Merging

The Merging

I remember the visage of your face
the way we had the fire of desire was like a secret world of dreams
I remember in the dream's creation
the fires that burned shared between us
it took me by surprise that you were my Goddess
I had the joy to worship at your altar

soft woman of silky brown hair and creamy white skin
blood red ruby lips demanding to be kissed
breasts like teacups with coral pink tips
deep brown eyes smoldering as coals
lithe curves sculpted comparable to a masterpiece
intoxicating, mesmerizing, my vital fluid simmers

lowering of eyes silently bidding me to come closer
looking into such eyes there is only acceptance
no denying your wish, even if I so willed it
I am lost, I am your servant, I live to fulfill your desires
seeing this you demurely smile knowing I am yours
the Priestess drawing power from her acolyte

your lips parting slightly to elicit the coming kiss
tender at first but growing in passion exponentially
mouths opening more as our tongues explore each other
tasting of chocolate, wine, and overwhelming need
sucking in lower lip to nibble it gently
you moan softly as I pull away to nuzzle your neck

room getting warmer as our breathing starts to quicken
feel the electricity intensify as I caress your breasts
a sharp gasp as lips close around rigid points in turn
taking my head in your hands you push it lower
letting you guide me to the desired destination
a flower is blooming, overflowing with sweet nectar

kiss me, taste me, devour me I hear you quietly whisper
I lower my face to you and silently obey your wishes
my mouth touches your body trembling as a leaf
the fragrance of your femininity filling my scent
the taste of you like the ambrosia of the Gods
butterfly wings beating as you grasp my hair

all else melts to oblivion as I continue my succor
lingua describing circles clockwise and counter
body unconsciously stiffening to shudder once, then twice
you use pillow to muffle your crescending cries
now you are mine - the servant becomes the master
a sword slowly impales sublime pleasure is shared

holding tightly we embrace body's glistening in the firelight
eyes locked on each other as we fall into rhythm
again calling out as current flows through like lightning
feel the pressure build as the climax approaches
with the roar of an animal I let loose the seed
nirvana for both of us now has been attained

gently easing myself to lay right there beside you
the dynamic has shifted see how now we are equal
breath slowing gradually returning to normal
I see you looking at me the way I looked at you
we turn to face each other and I brush hair out of your eyes
now and forevermore we shall always be as one

...........Mitch Fuqua

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