Monday, June 27, 2011

Odd Sam ( Sam I am )

Odd Sam ( Sam I Am )

It all started yesterday afternoon
My name is Sam - do you know who I am ?
I was the most bizarre crash test dummy around
I have a girl
Her name is Alice
Alice is a nurse
Sexy Nurse Alice

We do everything together, Alice and Sam
but yesterday...yesterday we went too far
In the park as it was just getting dark
we tickled the Good Humor Man !
Now you're probably thinking
why we would do such a thing as to tickle the Good Humor Man.

To be perfectly honest with you
I really don't know
It seemed a good idea at the time
Call it a wild hair
Hindsight is twentytwenty it's said

We were standing there
the wind rushing through our hair
I said, "Always stand in my arms."
We heard the tinkling of the bell
smelled the icecreamy smell
I heard someone whisper "DAH"
and like a vision of white
the Icecream Man appeared before me !

And then it happened
Oh Oh Oh ...

The next thing you know we were picking ourselves up off the ground...
brushing bits of grass off our clothes
while the Good Humor Man lay there giggling
tears of laughter streaming down his face
We turned and ran as fast as we could
back to her apartment
"What just happened ?", she said
I just shook my head

From that moment our relationship has changed
But still, it's my opinion
and I know you know what they say about opinions
I have had all evening to think about what happened
Would I have changed things ?
Do you really wear a yellow plastic raincoat?
We go together - Alice and Sam - Sam and Alice
forever memories - Sam is Alice - Alice is Sam
"Are you kidding ?"
"Boom!boom!" sticky sticky sticky
Oh man...
the night is crying
crying tears on the joints of your dreams.

.-. .-. .-. .-. .-. Mitch Fuqua

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