Monday, June 27, 2011

Desert Dune Dreamer

Desert Dune Dreamer

Cold and lonely the desert dune dreamer
watching the hazy sun sinking under the hill
a victim of happenstance - by no means a schemer
pulls tattered coat around to fight off the chill

trudging ever onward pay no heed to the cost
though he has stumbled a few times and he fell
not sure where he's at, but he knows what he's lost
stuck in this limbo between heaven and hell

thinking sadly about loved ones left so far behind
no matter how badly he wanted, he just couldn't stay
bitter memories slipping up to tug at the mind
a man can not change the past try as he may

the moon rises over shining her pale silvery light
off in the shadowed distance hear the wolves howl
walking through the wilds with the creatures of the night
and like his nocturnal brothers he is on the prowl

travel these badlands in a quiet desperation
till glowing orb of the night is outshined by the sun
in this wasteland of sand and harsh desolation
understanding the journey will never be done

...........Mitch Fuqua

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