Monday, June 27, 2011

Creating Souls


Creating Souls

The curious look to the seasoned heart
Grace seeing wanting
River of love flowing over timeless white sands
Beautifully under heaven

Meeting on solitary island
In a bay pale blue waters lapping at the shore
Softly filtered sun warming you happily
A tender unbroken kiss is given and returned

Spiritual shining light creating in Heaven
Grace should not be timely
Seeming wondrously slow
Time is not measured by hours but by eons
As it spools out behind us
Feel the ebb and the flow

Angels descending from celestial vault
Bringing souls to pour
Filling up brittle clay vessels
Beautifully under heaven

Child will be born under love under laughter
Grace is somehow always wonderfully coloured
Take the young one let it nourish on dreams
Bringing pure white light to enlighten the world

...........Mitch Fuqua

1 comment:

  1. This was written in the style of Jon Anderson, lead vocalist for the Pogressive Rock band - Yes.
    It was written for a fellow Yes fan.