Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lorem Ipsum ( it's all Greek to me )


Lorem Ipsum ( it's all Greek to me )

the form is illusory
everything in the universe is following the flow
beginning low and trembling
it changes as the electromagnetic oscillations of wavelength shorten
becoming more active
it creates an increasing transmutable form
the sum of our thoughts impact the form
the question of our thoughts is...
will you join us - will you help us
manipulate our love of the world
this a movement and moment of love and virtue in the universe
as love has no fear of evil
and as love grows
we can see the expansion of the universe
and love is growing...

.-. .. -.. -.. .-.. . ... / -.-. .-. . .- - . / -.- -. --- .-- .-.. . -.. --. . Mitch Fuqua

Translation for Lorem Ipsum

form is an illusion.
everything in the universe is the result of vibration.
this starts as lower vibration and changes to electro-magnetic vibration as the wavelength shortens
when energy vibrates, it creates a form.
this form is transmutable as the frequency increases.
the highest frequencies are in the form of our thoughts
our thoughts become our reality
we shape our own future...
with the power of love we can manipulate our universe
love is the emotion and power of the universe
fear and evil are simply the absence of love
as the universe expands
so too our love grows...

........... Mitch Fuqua

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